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November 2014:

The-Gamer-Hardrive features "N7 Day, 2014" in their Best Deviations of the Week: Nov. 3-8:
N7 Day, 2014 by GSJennsen

October 2014:

I did an AMA! Read the transcript here:

September 2014:

Vertigo: Aurora Rising Book Two has been PUBLISHED:

April 2014:

Thank you so much to RobinHarrison for posting a wonderful review of Starshine here on Deviant Art:

March 2014:

Starshine: Aurora Rising Book One has been PUBLISHED:

Sci-Fi-Future featured "Heart of a Civilization" in their March Sci-Fi Feature:
Heart of a Civilization by GSJennsen

Freak-Angel56 featured "Scenic Series (Mass Effect): Illium" in his Journal "Cites of Dreams":
Scenic Series (Mass Effect): Illium by GSJennsen

January 2014:

One-Planet-at-a-Time featured "Trafero" in their 1st Quarter Journal Update:
Trafero, Large Magellanic Cloud by GSJennsen


SirTiefling created a gorgeous portrait of Alexis Solovy, the protagonist and heroine of Starshine and Aurora Rising: Radiance by SirTiefling…
Check out my interview with Sci-Fan-Horror, where I talk about writing, art and Aurora Rising:…
Now Nanahuatli has gone and drawn another beautiful image of Graceyn Shepard:… :love:
New website for my original science fiction trilogy, "Aurora Rising":


"IIML: Tales - We're Dancing Now"… won 2nd Place in the judging portion of in :#GamingLoveInterests: "Caught in the Rain" contest: gamingloveinterests.deviantart… :w00t:
Thanks to Nanahuatli for "Little Graceyn Shepard"!:…. She's the bomb :D
Check out my interview by Sacred-Literature, where I'm the Writer of the Month: sacred-literature.deviantart.c…

Stars and Empire 2, Restless and DAI

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 5, 2014, 9:12 AM

What’s Stars & Empire 2? Well, it’s a brand new box set containing 10 of the most popular and highest rated space opera/military sci-fi novels of the last two years – and I’m thrilled to have Starshine included in it! And the best part is, the entire box set is available on Amazon for a mere $0.99.

What’s Restless? Well, it’s an Aurora Rising short story that takes place 8 years before the events of Starshine and offers a glimpse at both Alex and Caleb while they were still becoming the characters we know. And it’s included as an exclusive in Stars & Empire 2.

 S&e 2 by GSJennsen        Restless Cover 200 by GSJennsen  I even made a cover for it. For reasons.

So people have been making me talk on the internet, much to my chagrin. I did a Reddit AMA for /r/suggestmeabook and /r/sciencefiction, and you can read the transcript on Reddit or on my blog. It was a surprisingly fun and generally awesome experience :D (Big Grin). Also, the indie-author-focused site AuthorRise interviewed me for their "Talking Shop" blog, and were kind enough to make me sound cool.

What’s even cooler, with a splash of utterly amazing? The Best Sci-Fi Books named Starshine the 14th best science fiction novel by a female author…ever. The inclusion alongside such sci-fi masters (female or not) as Ursula K. Le Guin, Lois McMaster Bujold, James Tiptree, Jr (Alice Sheldon), C.J. Cherryh and others is an unbelievable honor. I think I've fainted. 

What’s DAI? Wait, you probably know what DAI is Wink/Razz. Thanks to Thanksgiving, distant relatives and that whole ‘writing’ thing, I’m only about 20 hours into it – but I am absolutely loving it. Bioware has outdone themselves with companions yet again. Each one is totally unique, and most of them are very entertaining. So far Dorian has been the biggest surprise – he’s an absolute delight – with Sera a close second (she’s completely nuts). Varric is Varric as only he can be. The Iron Bull is a riot, though I can’t help but hear James Vega about half the time.

One interesting aspect of DAI I’m enjoying is that while you are (as always) The Savior and In Charge, your advisors (Leliana, Cullen, Josephine) and Cassandra play a far stronger role in the story than is typical for a Bioware game. They interact with one another and make decisions apart from you. They have strong opinions and bicker like siblings. It's wonderful.

The depth and complexity to Cassandra and Leliana’s characters in particular is really amazing, as is the interplay and dynamics between the two of them. As an aside, if you’re a fan of DAI, I recommend watching Dawn of the Seeker. It’s an anime film telling Cassandra’s origin story, and frankly is a far better anime adaptation than Mass Effect: Paragon Lost was.

Oh, and Cullen. He’s grown so much since DA2! I confess to not really ‘getting’ what all the fuss was about with respect to him after DA2, but I now pronounce him an finely acceptable romance option Nod. I obviously have a long way to go in that storyline, but making him get all flustered is quite fun.

Okay, non-character stuff. The graphics are gorgeous, with meticulously-designed and varied environments that invite you to stop and stare, then wander off in another direction even though you totally meant to head straight for that quest marker, simply because something really cool-looking is over thataway. The lighting in particular is stunning – the rays of sunshine streaming through the windows in your Skyhold quarters make me smile every time. The combat feels a little…odd. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think perhaps it was designed with more of an eye toward consoles than PC. But it’s not bad, and 11 levels in I’m getting used to it. No spoilers, but the In Your Heart Shall Burn quest (the one that gets you to Skyhold) was an amazing hour of gameplay, truly.

I do need mods. But apparently the Frostbite engine is not particularly mod-friendly, so I may be waiting awhile No, I disagree!.

I uploaded a deviation of my Inquisitor, Graceyn Trevelyan. Yes, I’m utterly predictable: red hair, lavender eyes, mage. I’m not sorry.

Graceyn Trevelyan by GSJennsen

Oh, and I’m writing that little Transcendence novel. 82,000 words and counting. Writing Emote - NaNo5 

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Most of my art deviations are screenshots from Mass Effect (though other games appear from time to time), all modified to a greater or lesser extent - some are merely tweaked a little to be "better," others are heavily altered to create a mood or effect. Not quite art, still, but nonetheless my way of expressing appreciation for these wonderful games. I use in-game graphics enhancement tools like SweetFX and TexMod, as well as other tools like flycam and Fraps, then Photoshop for the post-processing.

Recently I have also begun creating original spacescapes; I'm still learning, and hopefully improving.

I have a Mass Effect fanfic, "If It Meant Living" - it is complete and covers the entire game trilogy - as well as a sequel, "Beyond," which is also complete. Links to free eBook versions are below.

"Starshine," the first novel in an original science fiction trilogy "Aurora Rising," has been published and is available on Amazon ( and other retailers (see them here: The first two chapters can be read for free here:

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